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£ 10.95 

A useful all rounder Cap



£ 5.25 

A strong Mug for those tea, coffee and Hot Chocolate days



£ 16 

A Good quality Teashirt made to last available in all sizes, please state on order form


Tap Measure

£ 6.75 

A Useful Tap measure to use anywhere


Bag Clip

£ 7.85 

A  well made Bag clip to hold all those papers up.


Mouse Mat

£ 6.75 

A very good quality Mouse Matt  that when put down on a surface does not move about


Shoulder Bag

£ 15.00 

Just for the Lady  for all those shopping needs


Key Ring Torch

£ 8.00 

Ideal for finding your way in the dark



£ 4.85 

A good writing pen  stock up now.


Letter opener

£ 6.50 

A useful tool to have and opens your letters neatly.



£ 3.95 

Need somewhere for those keys look no further


Note Pad

£ 5.95 

Got the Pens get a notepad to go with them


Usb FlashDrive

£ 16.95 

A 4gb Flash drive to  store those files


Can Cooler

£ 6.95 

A useful item to have for the summer cooling those can drinks down


Stress Ball

£ 7.55 

Suffer from stress in the work place ideal Stress Ball  calm you down


Here at Sgs we are aiming to provide an on line shop. To start with you will be able to own your  very  Sgs personalised  item contact me for further information this is a list of items we will be selling.once you have ordered your items and sent the form to us with  your details, we will send you a paypal  invoice for you to pay.













                                This is a selection of items you can order.