When you are in need of a garden maintenance service ,make us your first port of call. Seasonal Gardening Services started business in 1986 . It served a small group of regular clients, maintaining gardens with mowing, weeding, feeding the lawns, aerating, mossing and turfing. Today we still operate the same high quality services, but our list of clients has grown from strength to strength. Specialising in all aspects of Gardening. For more information or if you have any questions please get in touch through the contact page.

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                   2014     LANDSCAPING PROJECT  2014


A Job involving Excavating about 15 tons of soil.Having it removed so the level was lower. 3 tons of top soil was brought in .This was leveled and prepared ready for turfing.The Turfing was carried out to a very satisfying result with the client being very happy with the end result.




                                                   This  Job                                                                     


Started from a blank canvas which involved bringing in 8 railway sleepers fixing these in place along side a fence.filling in with soil ready now for planting. Various plants was used to create a long lasting effect with plants which grow every year, from Pieras to dwarf Rhododendron.




        At SGS we have been providing a lawncare service for over 30 years.Every year the lawns provide a challenge with the ever increasing season change. Lawn raking is essential with weed and feeding of the lawns being a reciepe for a perfect lawn.Also star qualities to getting a lovely lawn is having a good mower. With all this in mind and to have a reliable mowing service like ours you can not go wrong.                                                              


                                                    MACHINERY                            EQUIPMENT           

               We provide the following services. Tool sharpening , Mowing Servicing & repairs. We specialise in sourcing new equipment  for your needs . If its a new spade, fork or hoe or any tools or machinery.Some of the machinery we use here at SGS




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                                               Here at SGS we use the best Quality                                                                                                                             Tools  and Equipment                                                                                                          



                                    Need new equipment or machinery  we can help 




                                           2015              Round   Border            Project    

                                   This Project involved  Improving a existing border

                                   by over doubling the size. Stage 1 was too remove 

                                   existing log edging, mark out area for new border

                                  and start removing the turfs.All plants was removed

                                  healed in a bit of spare ground .The area was then 

                                 Dug over.



                                             New log posts was bought from a local supplier.

                                             These was cut into the correct lengths ready for 

                                             putting in ground.


                                               The  Posts are ready for going in ground  


                                            With a Wooden Mallet the Logs are put in place



                                           The bed is now ready to be filled with soil


                                  We Used well Rotted compost for the base of the bed                       

                                                 This was then filled with 2000 litres

                                               of compost and sharp sand mixed with it.



                                     Various Plants was sourced from  local Garden centres

                                          These including mainly   herbaceous plants.

                                         A lot of the plants used was for getting wild life

                                              back into the garden  including bees.



                            Bone meal was added to the soil for the planting process                            


                           The logs used on this project are guaranteed for 15 years                                                   


                                                                September  2015  an update    



                                                 Now looking a nice round border for 2016                               


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